Release 0.0.3 (2007/08/08)

This is the a screenshot from release 0.0.3. You can see the sea squares, that are now available. Also there is a city - which has been built by the settler, you get for a start.
As you can see, the map generation is still very basic (i.e. totally random). I have to rework that algorithm, but that is only scheduled for release 0.0.5. City growth has to come first, so you can build more units and spread.

Release 0.0.2 (2006/11/11)

For the second release the major improvement is map exploration. So most of the map is black and only the squares that have been explored by moving units is shown. Fortunately, this makes the simple map structure not quite as ugly as in the first release.

Release 0.0.1 (2006/11/11)

This is the first screenshot I dare show you, so you get a first impression of what Altera Terra might be one day. I have to admit: it's not much more than what you might have seen in other Civ clones like FreeCiv or Clash of Civilizations. But at least I can prove that there actually is something more than just words on a web page... ;-)

Welcome to Altera Terra